Top Tourist Places to visit in Bangladesh

Vacation destination in Bangladesh, an excellent little nation in South Asia flanking with India and Myanmar is yet to be created in the travel industry. Despite the fact that there are numerous excellent places here to visit, it is one of the least vacationer goals on the planet. The individuals here are benevolent and neighborly. They invite travelers all over the place and attempt to support them. To make a rundown of the best places in a nation is in every case hard and debatable.

Best Places to visit in Bangladesh

Creating a list of the best places in a country is always bound to raise some debate when you are making the list in a specific order. Being in the tourism industry for several years and visiting every corner of the country many times, this is what I think the best place to visit in Bangladesh. Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with me, and have any suggestions for improvement of the list.

Biggest Sea Beach Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazaar is the Tourist Attraction in Bangladesh. Inclining down to the blue water of the Bay of Bengal against the beautiful scenery of a progression of slopes secured with thick woodland, Cox’s Bazar ocean seashore is the longest ocean seashore on the planet. Its complete length is 120km. Found 150 km south of Chittagong, this spot got its name from Captain Hiram Cox, an official of the British East India Company. It is the spot of miles of brilliant sands, grand bluffs, surfing waves, astounding conch shells, wonderful pagodas, Buddhist sanctuaries and clans, and heavenly fish. The sans shark seashore has its very own notoriety for washing, sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. The amazing excellence of the setting sun behind the immense ocean is intriguing.

Mangrove Forest Sundarbans

A one of a kind eco-the travel industry goal, the Sundarbans, is the biggest Mangrove Forest on earth and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It extends about 80km into the Bangladeshi and Indian territory from the shore of the Bay of Bengal. 60% of this fog-covered timberland is situated in Bangladesh. In spite of the fact that this 10,500km2 backwoods territory is encompassed by two of the most thickly populated nation on three sides, it stays remote, aloof and to a great extent uninhabited by individuals. Crossed by an intricate system of waterways and brooks, mudflats and minor islands, this astonishing woods is included two basic ecoregions: The Mangrove Forest and the Freshwater Swamp Forest.

The St. Martin’s Island

The St. Martin’s Island, otherwise called Narikel Jinjira (an island of coconut) and Daruchinir Deep (an island of cinnamon), is one of the most visited places of interest’s in Bangladesh. The main coral island in Bangladesh is around 8 km long and once in a while more than 1km wide. It is around 10 km (6mi) south-west of the southern tip of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf promontory. Seashores bordered with coconut palms, all-encompassing magnificence of the island and perfect marine life draw in the visitors. Wonderful scenes, completely clear seawater, coral settlement, and the thunder of the Bay of Bengal are the primary fascination of the guests.

Daughter of the sea, Kuakata

Known as Sagar Kannya or the Daughter of the ocean, Kuakata is acclaimed for its all-encompassing ocean seashore Tourist Attraction in Bangladesh. This 18 km long and 3 km wide ocean seashore is situated at Kalapara Police Station of Patuakhali region. It is around 320 km from Dhaka and 70 km from Patuakhali Sadar. It is an exceptional spot where you can observe both dawn and dusk unhampered. This seashore is a stunning mix of beautiful common excellence, blue sky, sandy seashore, huge sound, and evergreen jhaubon. Here one can see 100 years of age Buddhist sanctuary and two wells of around 200 years of age.


Arranged at the fringe among Bangladesh and Indian state Meghalaya, Jaflong is one of the most prominent traveler goals in Sylhet. Eclipsed by subtropical mountains and downpour timberlands, this spot is around 60 km from Sylhet town. This picturesque spot is arranged on the stream Plain. Its scene excellence among nurseries and slopes charms the travelers. The Mari River originating from the Himalayan Mountain extend carries huge amounts of stone rocks with its stream. This spot is acclaimed for its stone assortment exercises. It is the home of the Khasi clan. Sightseers come here fundamentally in winter to see the stone gathering process however during a storm, Jaflong uncovers its distinctive sort of magnificence with various falls falling from rich green mountains. The stunning excellence of white mists and spouting cascades gushing from the green mountains captivate local people just as voyagers.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

Situated in Gowan River, Gowainghat, Sylhet Ratargul Swamp Forest is the main freshwater swamp backwoods in Bangladesh and one of only a handful not many on the planet. It is known as the Amazon of Bangladesh. The magnificence of this evergreen woodland sprouts chiefly in the blustery season. These woods are overwhelmed by the water originating from the slopes of India during the storm.

In different seasons it stays dry. The water of this woodland is straightforward and you can see the base layer of these backwoods through this water. Here, the water-level relies upon the amount of precipitation. It could be 15-20 feet if the precipitation is high. The all-out zone of this bog woods is 3,325 sections of land. The principal trees of this timberland are Koroch and Hizal. Monkeys, snakes, frogs and numerous kinds of fowls are found in this woodland. The best time to visit Ratargul is Monsoon. You can employ a neighborhood wooden pontoon and appreciate the dazzling excellence of this timberland the entire day.

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